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  • Guider Centroid Acccuracy writeup (.pdf)
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  • Current and Pending DESI Contract Awards (.pdf)
  • Bias, Dark, Flat Frames for CCD/CMOS Calibration (.pdf)
  • Commissioning DESI Optical Distortions, v6, writeup (.pdf)
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  • Star Centroid Statistics with Noise (.pdf)
  • DESI Optical Metrology, v9 (.pdf)
  • Modelling Corrector Distortion v5 (.pdf)
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  • Natural Disaster Count, 1980-2017 (.pdf)
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  • FUEGO Concept 10Dec2013 (.pptx)
  • Microbolometer Arrays for Fire Detection (.pdf)
  • FUEGO: Fire Urgency Estimation from Geosynchronous Orbit
  • US Patent 9792500 Pennypacker et al.
  • Astronomy, Physics, Optics, and Engineering

  • Two Flaws in the Doomsday Argument (.pdf)
  • Galactic Coordinate Transformations (.pdf)
  • Wide Field Magellan Corrector (.pdf)
  • Various Spectrometers (.pdf)
  • Accelerated Charge Paradox (.pdf)
  • Retrograde Notion (.pdf)
  • EUV Astronomy at Bowyer's 80th (.pdf)
  • Three-Mirror Off-Axis Anastigmats for CMB Surveys.pdf
  • Information-driven Societies and Fermi's Paradox
  • Confocal Heat Pump Violates Second Law (.pdf)
  • Lampton ATLAS-1 (.pdf)
  • Lampton ATLAS-1 (.ppt)
  • Korsch Four Configurations (.pdf)
  • Dark Energy (.pdf)
  • Lampton et al Off-Axis Telescopes (.pdf)
  • Lampton et al Off-Axis Telescopes (.ppt)
  • Lampton et al Heliopause 304 Spectrometer Poster(.pdf)
  • Lampton et al Heliopause 304 Spectrometer SPIE (.pdf)
  • Gruntman et al Heliopause 304 Spectrometer SPIE (.pdf)
  • Lampton, Scientific American Nov 1981 (.pdf)
  • Lampton, US Patent 3965354, Resistive Anode (.pdf)
  • Lampton, US Patent 4395636, Wedge & Strip (.pdf)

  • Payload Specialist Astronaut Photos: STS-9, STS-25, STS-45

  • Official NASA Payload Specialist Photo
  • NASA Payload Specialist closeup
  • STS-9 Wikipedia
  • STS-9 Spacelab-1 Science Crew
  • STS-45 Wikipedia
  • ATLAS-1 Payload Crew in Aft Flight Deck
  • ATLAS-1 Payload Crew in Module
  • ATLAS-1 Payload Specialists with autographs
  • Dark Energy Space Mission Development

    WFIRST-A concept from: Levi,M., et al., 217th AAS 433.03 (2011)

    Artwork by Robin E. Lafever LBNL

  • Levi et al, WFIRST Science Yield (.pdf) arXiv 1105.0959
  • Some useful code....

    Roughly 300 papers on astronomy and space physics

    A few papers on space projects, detectors, electronics, math....

    Now for a bit of audio engineering....

    Let's not forget Hubble...

    Let's not forget Carl Friedrich Gauss

    Let's not forget Fingal...

    Let's not forget the greatest collegiate prank of all time...

    Let's not forget Xray Astronomy

    Let's not misspell "kluge"

    CHIPS Subsystem Photographs

    ISUAL Instrument aboard ROCSAT-2

  • Orbit View Tradeoff
  • IMAGE-MENA Instrument Photos

    IMAGE-MENA Performance

    IMAGE-FUV Team At Work

    IMAGE-FUV Spectroscopic Imager

    IMAGE-FUV WIC and GEO instruments

    IMAGE-FUV Main Electronics Package


    Wedding Guitar Gigs

  • Matt & Lindsay's Wedding, 111 Jennifer Lane, Alamo California 16 June 2007
  • Larry & Barbara's Wedding, 2130 Coastland Ave, San Jose California
  • Tate & Maya's Wedding, The Sea Ranch, California, 22 Sept 2012
  • Jim and Claire's Wedding, Botanical Gardens & Brazil Room, Berkeley California, 8 April 2013
  • Jen and Nate's Wedding, Wedgewood Wedding Center, Boulder Canyon, Colorado, 10 July 2015
  • A little music

    Poetry, Song, and Writings

    Hawaii 2019