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  • Information-driven Societies and Fermi's Paradox
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  • Gruntman et al Heliopause 304 Spectrometer SPIE (.PDF)
  • Lampton, Scientific American Nov 1981 (.PDF)
  • Lampton, US Patent 3965354, Resistive Anode (.PDF)
  • Lampton, US Patent 4395636, Wedge & Strip (.PDF)

  • Payload Specialist Astronaut Photos

  • Official NASA Payload Specialist Photo
  • NASA Payload Specialist closeup
  • STS-9 Spacelab-1 Science Crew
  • ATLAS-1 Payload Crew in Aft Flight Deck
  • ATLAS-1 Payload Crew in Module
  • ATLAS-1 Payload Specialists with autographs
  • Dark Energy Mission Development

    WFIRST-A concept from: Levi,M., et al., 217th AAS 433.03 (2011)

    Artwork by Robin E. Lafever LBNL

  • Levi et al, WFIRST Science Yield (.pdf) arXiv 1105.0959
  • Some useful code, fixes, and software....

    Approximately 300 papers on astronomy and space physics

    A few papers on space projects, detectors, electronics, math....

    Let's not forget Hubble...

    Let's not forget Fingal...

    Let's not forget Xray Astronomy

    CHIPS Subsystem Photographs

    ISUAL Instrument aboard ROCSAT-2

  • Orbit View Tradeoff
  • IMAGE-MENA Instrument Photos

    IMAGE-MENA Performance

    IMAGE-FUV Team At Work

    IMAGE-FUV Spectroscopic Imager

    IMAGE-FUV WIC and GEO instruments

    IMAGE-FUV Main Electronics Package


    Wedding Gigs

  • Matt & Lindsay's Wedding, 111 Jennifer Lane, Alamo California 16 June 2007
  • Larry & Barbara's Wedding, 2130 Coastland Ave, San Jose California
  • Tate & Maya's Wedding, The Sea Ranch, California, 22 Sept 2012
  • Jim and Claire's Wedding, Botanical Gardens & Brazil Room, Berkeley California, 8 April 2013
  • Jen and Nate's Wedding, Wedgewood Wedding Center, Boulder Canyon, Colorado, 10 July 2015
  • A little music

    Poetry and Song