SSL Full Directory

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Peter Harvey Aerospace Manager
Work Phone: 510-643-8687
Karin Hauck Communications Manager
Work Phone: 510-642-2343
Henry Heetderks Aerospace Manager
Work Phone: 510-642-5890
Rachel Hochman Aerospace Engineer
Photo of Andrew Howard
Andrew Howard Professor of Astronomy
Work Phone: 626-395-8747
Photo of Jia Huang
Jia Huang Assistant Researcher
Photo of Hugh Hudson
Hugh Hudson Research Physicist (UC); Hon. Research Fellow (U. Glasgow))Space Sciences Laboratory
Work Phone: ‘+44 748 247 1930
Arthur Hull Assistant Research Physicist
Work Phone: 510-643-0502
Photo of Gordon Hurford
Gordon Hurford Research Physicist
Work Phone: 510643-9653
Photo of Thomas Immel
Thomas Immel Research Physicist
Work Phone: 510-643-3504
Photo of Jensine Irasusta
Jensine Irasusta Administrative AssistsantJBSSL
Yvette Irwin Electronics Tech
Work Phone: 510-643-1392
Patrick Jelinsky Aerospace Manager
Work Phone: 510-486-5033
Photo of Sharon Jelinsky
Work Phone: 510-664-7865
Photo of Eleanor Judd
Eleanor Judd Specialist
Work Phone: 510-486-5480
Scott Karbashewski Postdoctoral Researcher