For Partners and Prospective Partners of SSL

Space Sciences Laboratory (SSL) at UC Berkeley is committed to supporting a diverse and sustainable supply chain to support all its programs. 

Purchase orders above $10,000 require,

1. That UC Berkeley Terms and Conditions are adhered to, unless otherwise negotiated.
During the proposal phase, send proposed changes to

2. To have Debarment Certification, submit either through the SAM database or a signed UCB Debarment form. 
Send a request for a USB Debarment form to

3. For service orders, to provide a Certificate of Insurance.

As an integral part of an institution funded by the State of California as well as contracting primarily at the Federal level, SSL is required by law to follow strict on-boarding and contracting guidelines with all our partners. We therefore encourage all current and potential partners to review:

UC Berkeley Terms and Conditions

UC Certificate of Insurance Requirements

UC Berkeley Vendor on-boarding process

General information on UC Berkeley Supply Chain Management 

University of California System Wide Procurement Services information

US SAM database for Debarment and Anti-Lobbying certification

Subcontracted parts or materials may require traceability or certification to customer standards as mandated by NASA or other Federal/State entities. Please send all inquiries regarding partnering with SSL to