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    Photo of Pascal Saint-Hilaire
    Pascal Saint-Hilaire Research Physicist
    Work Phone: 510-643-4618
    Photo of Chadi Salem
    Chadi Salem Project ScientistUniversity of California at BerkeleySpace Sciences Laboratory
    Work Phone: ‘+1-510-643-2249
    Work Phone: 5106422125
    Photo of Bruce Satow
    Bruce Satow Systems Administrator
    Work Phone: 510-643-2348
    Jennifer Satow Administrative Assistant
    Christopher Scholz Aerospace Engineer
    Work Phone: 510-643-2478
    Photo of Zubair I. Shaikh
    Zubair I. Shaikh Postdoctoral ScholarSpace Sciences Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley
    William Shourt Aerospace Engineer
    Photo of Oswald Siegmund
    Oswald Siegmund Senior Space Fellow
    Work Phone: 510-642-0895
    Work Phone: 510-664-7865
    Work Phone: 510-642-6869
    Christopher Smith Senior Aerospace Engineer
    Work Phone: 510-642-2461
    George Smoot Professor of Physics
    Work Phone: 510-486-5505
    Photo of Parth Soni
    Parth Soni R&D Engineer IIIUniversity of California – BerkeleySpace Sciences Laboratory
    Work Phone: 510-664-5514
    Photo of Weijie Sun
    Weijie Sun Assistant Research PhysicistSpace Sciences Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley
    Photo of David Sundkvist
    David Sundkvist Associate Research Physicist
    Work Phone: 5106423196
    Photo of Paul Szabo
    Paul Szabo Postdoctoral ScholarUniversity of CaliforniaSpace Sciences Laboratory