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Prayash Pyakurel

Postdoctoral ScholarUniversity of California BerkeleySSL
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I have broad training in plasma and geospace physics, but the bulk of my research applies theory and computational frameworks with spacecraft observations and simulations to understand magnetic reconnection processes. I use kinetic particle-in-cell (PIC) code and linear Vlasov dispersion solver codes to study the propagation, growth, and damping of different plasma waves and instabilities associated with magnetic reconnection. I also use PIC codes to model magnetic reconnection to understand the role it plays in our Solar system and the Heliopause. Besides theory and computation, I have background in satellite observations to identify in situ reconnection events. I plan to continue using large-scale, multi-parallel simulations, linear Vlasov dispersion solver codes in concert with observations to better understand magnetic reconnection and wave particle interaction processes.