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Juan Carlos Martinez Oliveros

Work Phone: 510-642-0402
Photo of Juan Carlos Martinez Oliveros


Juan is a Colombian astronomer working in solar physics. He studied astronomy and astrophysics at the Saint Petersburg State University, in the faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics, receiving the degree of Msc in Astronomy and Astrophysics in 2004. He worked there in solar radio astrophysics group under the supervision of Dr. Valery Georgovich Nagnibeda using radio data from the radio telescope RATAN-600 of the Russian Academy of Sciences and BPR of the Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory. Later he pursued his PhD degree at Monash University under the supervision of Prof. Paul Cally and Dr. Alina-Catalina Donea. At Monash he studied the relationship between the particle acceleration process, magnetic field variations and sunquakes.

Since 2009 he works at the Space Sciences Laboratory. He’s research projects are related to the study of type II and III radio solar bursts, using radiometers onboard the twin spacecraft STEREO A and B. Also, he works using data from RHESSI and the Solar Dynamics Observatory, studying white-light flares and the generation of sunquakes. He is also part of the Parker Solar Probe science team, were he will study solar radio emissions. Juan is also interested in the development of small satellites known as cubesats, he a team member of the CURIE cubesat mission and he is developing new hard-xray detectors for small missions. Juan has an ongoing international collaboration with the National Astronomical Observatory of Colombia, serving as adviser to undergraduate and master degree students and developing radio instrumentation.