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John Bonnell

Project PhysicistSpace Sciences Laboratory
Work Phone: 510-642-0852
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John W. Bonnell has been a Research Associate and Project Physicist at SSL since October 1999.  He specializes in the design, fabrication, assembly, test, and operation of antenna systems, receivers, and  signal processing hardware for the measurement of electric fields in space.  His research interests include vehicle dynamics, multi-point and multi-sensor analysis techniques, and spectral data analysis as applied to a variety of electrodynamics problems in auroral, ionospheric, magnetospheric, and solar wind physics.  He is currently an Instrument Lead or PI on three NASA Missions (THEMIS/ARTEMIS, Van Allen Probes, Parker Solar Probe) and several sounding rocket campaigns (GREECE, TRICE2, VIPER, ACES2, INCAA).