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Edward Wishnow

Work Phone: 5106432435
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Edward Wishnow (PhD physics, University of British Columbia 1993) is an experimentalist working on spectroscopic instrumentation for astronomy and the laboratory. Many of these instruments been interferometers of various types, ranging in wavelength from the visible through the far-infrared.

He is the PI of the Infrared Spatial Interferometer (ISI) a three-telescope array located at Mt. Wilson that was founded by Prof. Charles Townes. The ISI uses a unique heterodyne detection with CO2 laser local oscillators–in essence, the ISI is the world’s highest frequency radio telescope interferometer operating at 27 THz (11 microns wavelength).
He contributes to other SSL projects (ICON), and currently participates in the design and testing of components for the Keck Planet Finder (KPF) echelle spectrometer for stellar radial velocity measurements (PI Andrew Howard, CIT).
Additional activities include laboratory spectral measurements of weakly absorbing gases at low temperatures. These measurements, conducted in collaboration with JPL, are relevant to the interpretation of Cassini measurements of Saturn and Titan.