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Daniel Zevin

Student Engagement Manager
Work Phone: 510-642-8326
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As SSL’s Student Engagement Manager, Dan coordinates, manages, and promotes our undergraduate student opportunities. Prior to his current appointment, Dan managed multiple education and outreach efforts for SSL. Most of this work involved important partnerships with other University of California departments and Bay Area education organizations. For example, he founded the Bay Area Teen Science (B.A.T.S.) initiative in 2011, and as its Director through 2020, Dan grew the B.A.T.S. community of STEM education professionals to over 300 members. From August 2014 to May 2020, he served as Co-Chair for UC Berkeley’s Coalition for Education and Outreach (CEO), a community of practice for UC Berkeley and other Bay Area STEM education and outreach practitioners. In addition, Dan served as an Advisory Group member at the Climate Readiness Institute, as a Founding Member of the California Outdoor Engagement Coalition, and as a Board Member/Mentor at TeenTechSF.  Dan was also the volunteer coordinator for Stardust@home, one of the earliest citizen science projects that was done entirely online. Prior to his arrival at SSL in February 2009, Dan was a Senior Project Manager at the Exploratorium for the National Science Foundation’s NISE Network. He also worked for five years at the Astronomical Society of the Pacific where he managed several multi-year National Science Foundation programs. Dan’s other past career efforts focused more on environmental education and wildlife conservation, including three years as Program Director at NatureBridge’s Golden Gate Campus. Prior to moving to the Bay Area, he served as Project Manager/Associate Zoologist with The Nature Conservancy of Hawaii, and as a Research Assistant at the Los Angeles Zoo very near where he grew up. Dan received his B.S. degree in Wildlife Management from Humboldt State University.