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Dan Werthimer

SETI Project DirectorUniversity of CaliforniaSpace Sciences Laboratory
Photo of Dan Werthimer


Dan Werthimer is the Alberts SETI Chair and chief scientist of SETI@home, the Berkeley SETI Research Center, the Breakthrough Listen project,  and the Center for Astronomy Signal Processing and Electronics Research (CASPER).

He has been Associate Professor in the engineering and physics departments of San Francisco State University and a visiting professor at Beijing Normal University, the University of St. Charles in Marseille, and Eotvos University in Budapest. He has taught at universities in Peru, Egypt, Ghana, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Uganda and Kenya.

Werthimer has testified to congress about SETI;  he is co-author of “SETI 2020”, editor of “BioAstronomy: Molecules, Microbes and Extraterrestrial Life” and “Astronomical and Biochemical Origins and the Search for Life in the Universe”.

Dan was in the “Homebrew Computer Club” with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak; everyone in that club became ultra-rich, except Dan, because he wanted to find ET.