StarDustatHome on PBS

StarDustatHome and Stall Catchers are interactive ways for folks to help scientists analyze the vast amounts of data from their home computers. The software used for the Stall Catchers game, that is part of the EyesOnALZ is based on the StarDustatHome software.

EyesOnALZ is featured as part of the Crowd and Cloud airing tonight on many PBS stations.

EyesOnALZ is in part One, and airs about 28 minutes into the program. Check your local listings for air times.


Zebra Stripes in Outer Space

“Zebra Stripes in Outer Space”:
Long-standing mystery of radiation belt signature explained

In an article recently accepted in the Journal of Geophysical Research, Dr. Solène Lejosne, post-doctoral fellow at the UC Berkeley’s Space Sciences Laboratory and Pr. Juan G. Roederer, Professor Emeritus from the Geophysical Institute of Alaska, propose a new theory to explain a feature of the Earth’s Van Allen radiation belt particles that has defied satisfactory explanation for half a century.

This feature has been given the name “zebra stripes” by space physicists because it shows up as a zebra-like pattern in energy spectrograms, Continue reading