September 6, 2018

What We Do

SSL projects tackle fundamental problems in atmospheric science, space physics, heliophysics, planetary science, and astronomy. In addition to being scientifically diverse, we are one of the few groups that can develop, design, build, test, integrate, and operate missions from concept to launch to data return.

We don’t hesitate to take on high-risk experimental science, venturing into new areas of research. SSL scientists have the freedom to dream big because our engineers, technicians, programmers, and mission operations specialists have the deep and varied expertise to handle novel and difficult challenges. Our multi-talented teams can do whatever it takes to make a mission successful.

The ARTEMIS, mission re-tasked two probes from the 5-spacecraft THEMIS mission to fly to the Moon. The more then 90 maneuvers to get space crafts to the moon were issued from our ground satin and MOC