Participate in Eclipse Megamovie!

Eclipse Megamovie 2024 (EM2024) is funded by NASA to discover the secret lives of solar jets and plumes. Many jets and plumes seem to disappear or change from the time they are formed on the Sun and when they move out into the solar wind. To learn more about these solar phenomena, EM2024 will use photographs taken by volunteers — like you! — to identify solar jets as they leave the Sun’s surface and solar plumes as they grow and develop. If you have a DSLR camera and a tripod, you can participate. Visit the website to learn more about the history of the Eclipse Megamovie project, solar eclipses, and how you can contribute to real scientific research of the sun.

The EM2024 team is headed by current and former SSL researchers: Juan Carlos Martinez Oliveros (Co-PI) and Laura Peticolas (PI), and former SSL outreach coordinator, Darlene Yan. Join them!