Panel urges small satellite makers to prepare for big changes

SmallSat Symposium panel from left to right: Fletcher Franklin BryceTech senior program manager, Ward Hanson, Stanford University lecturer in economics, Sita Sonty, Boston Consulting Group partner and associate director, Shalini Bhatia, Deloitte Consulting principal, Janna Lewis BAE Systems senior corporate counsel. Credit: SpaceNews/Debra Werner

A panel of experts at the SmallSat Symposium on Feb. 7 2023—including SSL’s Abhi Tripathi—issued a heads-up to small satellite manufacturers, cautioning them to be ready for the increasing availability of rideshare flights on SpaceX’s Starship spacecraft and Super Heavy Launch vehicle. Abhi stated, “If you are not preparing for how you’re going to launch your product on Starship and how you’re going to change your business model to work with Starship, you are going to be in trouble.”

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