Grad Students Going Strong in 2020 Robert P. Lin Fellowship

smiling young woman
Murti Nauth
smiling young woman
Hannah Gulick

Despite the challenges presented by COVID-19, Space Sciences Lab had two Lin Fellows that started working with us during the summer of 2020, Murti Nauth and Hannah Gulick.

Murti analyzes data from the Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN (MAVEN) mission particles and field package. As a Lin fellow, she is mapping the distribution of accelerated electrons—which can cause auroral emission when they precipitate into the atmosphere—found in the magnetotail region of Mars.

Hannah worked to enable real-time localization of gamma-ray bursts and other gamma-ray flares by developing methods for accurate aspect and image reconstruction. She will combine these efforts with future work on the time-variable, gamma-ray background—including the characterization of a new system of detectors and extensive modeling—to prepare for an upcoming small explorer version of COSI recently selected by NASA for a Phase A study.

You can find more about who these Lin Fellows are and what they are working on here. The website has been updated to invite applications for new fellows in 2021. UCB Graduate students who are interested in pursuing research in space science are eligible, including incoming graduate students.