Postdoctoral Associate – Space Sciences Laboratory – UC Berkeley


The Space Sciences Laboratory (SSL) at the University of California, Berkeley, seeks applicants for Postdoctoral Associate positions to support NASA Heliophysics and/or Planetary missions via planetary and heliophysics research and/or hardware development. The specific projects that are hiring include ICON, MAVEN, PADRE, Parker Solar Probe (PSP), HERMES, LuSEE, THEMIS, MMS, Van Allen Probes, Wind and […]

Jobs – Help Wanted

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We have more than a dozen open positions to work at the University of California’s premier space sciences research facility. See the listing on our Jobs page.

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We have more than a dozen open positions to work at UC system’s premier space sciences research facility  Academic Positions: Assistant Research Physicist- Solar and Heliospheric Physics- Space Sciences Laboratory Postdoctoral Associate- Space Sciences Laboratory- UC Berkeley Staff Positions: Electronic Parts Engineer (7119U) – #21470 Aerospace Engineer 3 (0546U) – #20616 Aerospace Engineer 4 (0346U) […]