New SSL Undergraduate Engagement Group and Recent Activities/Achievements

New SSL Undergraduate Engagement Group and Recent Activities/Achievements — “The University’s fundamental missions are teaching, research and public service” (source: UCOP). Although SSL excels at research, and through those discoveries, public service to a large degree, SSL’s role in and greater potential for contributing to the mission of teaching has been somewhat underappreciated on campus […]

Applications for Lin Fellowship now open

As usual, we will be accepting applications for the Lin Fellowship this year.  This is an opportunity for UCB grad students (including incoming students) to work on SSL projects over the summer. The fellowship provides student salary support.  More information can be found on the Lin Fellowship page and on this flyer. Please pass this information […]

SSL’s ASSURE 2022 REU program wraps up with sunny poster session

10 ASSURE program members

Advancing Space Sciences through Undergraduate Research Experience (ASSURE) is SSL’s NSF-funded REU program which aims to provide authentic cutting edge research experiences in the space sciences to early stage undergraduates. In particular ASSURE primarily serves California community college students, especially those from under-represented groups, first-generation college students and those for whom obtaining a research experience […]

2021 ASSURE students cap their summer internship with real-life SSL poster session

In mid-August 2021, the Advancing Space Sciences through Undergraduate Research Experience (ASSURE) hosted an outdoor (in person!) poster session at the Space Sciences Lab (SSL) to wrap up an exciting summer internship program. Along with several additional SSL undergraduates, the ten participants of the ASSURE program presented their research projects and results to the general […]

Grad Students Going Strong in 2020 Robert P. Lin Fellowship


Despite the challenges presented by COVID-19, Space Sciences Lab had two Lin Fellows that started working with us during the summer of 2020, Murti Nauth and Hannah Gulick. Murti analyzes data from the Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN (MAVEN) mission particles and field package. As a Lin fellow, she is mapping the distribution of accelerated […]

Novato Space Festival 2019 Recap

Video highlights from the 2019 Novato Space Festival at the Space Station Museum in Novato, CA. Apollo astronaut Al Worden, Apollo Mission Controller Joey Lazzaro, Space Shuttle astronauts Greg Johnson, Steve Smith and Dan Bursch, Astronaut Yvonne Cagle, space tools designer Ed Rezac. Plus lots of space exhibitioners, and Snoopy! The 2019 Novato Space Festival […]

“Magnetic Mars” Engages Public Audiences in Science

The MAVEN communications and outreach team has developed a variety of resources to help communicate the discoveries of the mission to a broad public audience. An article describing these resources published today in the American Geophysical Union (AGU) journal EOS (Earth and Space Science News). For a cold little planet, Mars remains a hot topic: […]

2018 Novato Space Festival, August 5th

The Annual Novato Space Festival is coming up, Sunday August 5th, from 10 AM to 4 PM. There will be Astronauts, Exhibits, Jill Tarter from the SETI Institute. There are many interactive displays, exhibits and talks given the the Astronauts. Admission and Parking are FREE Learn more about the Museum

The Robert P. Lin Graduate Fellowship

The Robert P. Lin Graduate Fellowship will be used to support outstanding graduate students at the University of California, Berkeley who pursue research related to space sciences, including, but not limited to, students with training in Physics, Astronomy or Engineering. Lin_Fellowship_2018 PDF