GREECE Fact Sheet

Drawing of rocket in space over earth with green aurora. Project partners noted around the edge of the square logo.

The purpose of the GREECE (Ground-to-Rocket Electrodynamics-Electrons Correlative Experiment) is to significantly enhance our knowledge of the structure and dynamics of the electron precipitation responsible for the aurora, on both large and small scales, which can ultimately be used to set stronger constraints on models of auroral electrodynamics.

TRICE-2 Fact Sheet

TRICE-2 is exploring magnetic reconnection, the explosive process that allows charged particles from space to stream into Earth’s atmosphere.

TRACERS Fact Sheet

TRACERS project logo, round drawing showing two satellites over the earth, with red and yellow lines indicating orbit, the sun in the far left upper corner.

The overarching mission goal of the TRACERS mission is: Connecting the magnetospheric cusp to the magnetopause – discovering how spatial or temporal variations in magnetic reconnection drive cusp dynamics.

Grotifer Fact Sheet

Grotifer aims to close the many significant science questions that are hampered by the current lack of accurate 3D e-field measurements (e.g., at reconnection).

ACES II Fact Sheet

Aurora Current and Electrodynamics Structures II instrument being launched

ACES II is a NASA-funded rocket mission to measure the global electric circuit underlying the northern lights. 

THEMIS Fact Sheet

THEMIS studies how mass and energy move through the near-Earth space environment to determine the physical processes initiating auroras.

ICON Fact Sheet

The goal of the ICON mission is to understand the tug-of-war between Earth’s atmosphere and the space environment.