Dark Energy results from the first year of DESI operations

[Read the full article in Berkeley Lab News] Researchers have used the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument to make the largest 3D map of our universe and world-leading measurements of dark energy, the mysterious cause of its accelerating expansion With 5,000 tiny robots in a mountaintop telescope, researchers can look 11 billion years into the past. […]

Work of SSL DESI team featured in NYT article on dark energy

An article in the New York Times on April 4 titled “A Tantalizing ‘Hint’ That Astronomers Got Dark Energy All Wrong” noted the DESI team’s contribution to recent discoveries on the nature of dark energy that challenge previous models showing it is a constant force. DESI is the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument, an international collaboration. […]

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx to bring samples of asteroid Bennu to Earth: What to know

NASA is receiving its first long-awaited sample from an asteroid. OSIRIS-REx visited and collected samples from 101955 Bennu, a carbonaceous near-Earth asteroid. The sample’s return yesterday concludes a seven-year mission, and the contents will be studied by scientists worldwide. SSL research scientist Zack Gainsforth, interviewed by Al Jazeera English for this video, compares the magnitude […]

SSL’s Raul Monsalve in Arctic with MIST


On Friday, April 21, SSL’s Raul Monsalve arrived in the Canadian High Arctic as part of the MIST ground-based radio cosmology experiment. Along with some photos, Raul shared, “The coordinates of the observation site are (79 22′ 47.28″ N, 90 59′ 55.86″ W), which is close to the McGill Arctic Research Station (MARS). This is […]