21-cm Cosmology Workshop Sponsored by SSL to be Held on Oct-17-20, 2022

SSL is sponsoring and organizing the 5th edition of the Global 21-cm Cosmology Workshop, which will be held on Oct 17-20, 2022 at the Lawrence Hall of Science. The organizing committee is led by senior fellow Raul Monsalve, and includes Stuart Bale, Ilia Roussev, Lissvett Garcia Fields, and Jensine Irasusta, as well as members of the UC Berkeley Astronomy Department and other institutions.

The 21-cm signal from neutral hydrogen gas at high redshifts (z>6), and in particular its sky-average or “global” component, is expected to characterize the formation and evolution of the first stars, galaxies, and black holes in the Universe. This signal is yet to be unequivocally detected, and many groups around the world are racing toward that goal, designing and deploying ground- and space-based low-frequency radio experiments. At SSL, such efforts include LuSEE-Night and MIST. One of the most exciting aspects of the high-redshift 21-cm signal is that it is the only way to observe the “Dark Age” of the Universe, which is the period before the formation of the first luminous sources, when the Universe was filled with neutral hydrogen gas. These observations have great potential to help test the standard cosmological model as well as ideas that invoke exotic physics.

For more information visit the workshops homepage: https://global21cmworkshop.org/2022-berkeley/