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The Space Sciences Laboratory (SSL) is the University of California system’s premier space sciences research facility and one of the preeminent university laboratories in the country for space research.​​


Integrity, teamwork, excellence, inclusion, curiosity.


Our primary goal is to foster outstanding research in space-related sciences and provide education for the next generation of space scientists.


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including Apollo 15 & 16, SkyLab, Hubble, COBE, IMAGE, RHESSI, NuSTAR, ICON and PSP

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•Sun - Heliophysics

CURIE ready for Ariane 6 launch

Chris Moeckel and Roger Roglans recently returned from Berlin, where they successfully integrated CURIE into the NovaPod with four other satellites. After a stop in

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two different images of a spiral galaxy, one is much brighter

Berkeley News: UC Berkeley will manage $300 million NASA mission to map the UV universe

An orbiting space telescope approved by NASA last month and scheduled for launch in 2030 will conduct the first all-sky survey of ultraviolet (UV) sources in the cosmos, providing valuable information on how galaxies and stars evolve, both today and in the distant past.

The $300 million satellite mission, called UVEX (UltraViolet EXplorer), will be managed by the Space Sciences Laboratory (SSL) at the University of California, Berkeley.

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