MAVEN Deep Dip Science Measurements Starting

Mars Atmosphere

Photo Courtesy of NASA’s MAVEN Mission to Mars posts

The Second walk-in maneuver of the deep-dip campaign completed successfully

The second #MAVEN deep-dip maneuver was executed yesterday (Feb. 11, 2015), with a delta-v (∆V) of 0.6 m/sec., which lowered the periapsis of the spacecraft by another 4 km. The first maneuver was carried out on Tuesday (Feb. 10) and lowered the periapsis by about 20 km.

The MAVEN spacecraft now has a periapsis altitude of ~130 km, where Mars’ atmosphere has an estimated density of 2.0 kg/km³

With Thursday February 12th’s start of the deep-dip science measurements, the MAVEN team is one step closer to solving the mystery of #Mars‘ climate history. — at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

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NASA’s MAVEN Mission to Mars