The Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer Bright Source List

R.F. Malina, H.L. Marshall, B. Antia, C.A. Christian, C.A. Dobson, D.S. Finley, A. Fruscione, F. Girouard, I. Hawkins, P. Jelinsky, J. Lewis, J. McDonald, K. McDonald, R.J. Patterer, V. Saba, M.M. Sirk, B.A. Stroozas, J.V. Vallerga, P.W. Vedder, A. Wiercigroch, and S. Bowyer

Astron. J., 107 (2), 751, 1994.


Initial results from the analysis of the Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer (EUVE) all-sky survey (58-740 A) and deep survey (67-364 A) are presented through the EUVE Bright Source List (BSL). The BSL contains 356 confirmed extreme ultraviolet (EUV) point sources with supporting information, including positions, observed EUV count rates, and the identification of possible optical counterparts. One-hundred twenty-six sources have been detected longward of 200 A.

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