A Time-Resolved, Extreme-Ultraviolet, Spectroscopic Study of the Quiescent and Flaring Corona of the Flare Star AU Mic

B.C. Monsignori Fossi, M. Landini, G. Del Zanna, and S. Bowyer

The Astrophysical Journal


The extreme ultraviolet emission obtained during a 1992 July 14-17 observation of AU Mic has been studied with lines detected with the short, medium, and long wavelength (SW, MW, LW) spectrometers on the Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer (EUVE). The flares were observed during this period. The time evolution of the differential emission measure is presented. The synthetic spectrum derived from the differential emission measure is compared with the observed data. An estimate of the density and volume of the emitting plasma is obtained using Fe XXI lines.

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