September 6, 2018

Who We Are

We are researchers, engineers, craftspeople, programmers, and more. The Space Sciences Lab is home to about 200+ people in scientific, technical, and administrative positions. At SSL, people with different skills and areas of expertise work side by side, exchanging ideas and inspiring one another. The talent that we cultivate is what sets SSL apart.

SSL researchers have pioneered the development of instrumentation for study of the Sun, the interplanetary medium, the planets, and the Earth; for optical, ultraviolet, x-ray, gamma-ray, radio, and infrared astronomy; and for the measurement of the cosmic microwave background. Research is carried out by faculty members, Senior Fellows, and other academic staff, including postdocs and students. Historically, faculty have been drawn primarily from the Physics and Astronomy Departments. Recently, faculty have also been drawn from departments such as Engineering, Earth and Planetary Science, and Chemistry, reflecting the blossoming diversification of academic interest in space related sciences.

SSL mechanical and optical engineers, electrical engineers, technicians, fabricators, and programmers have a wide range of skills to create new instrumentation and novel technologies for research projects. We have the ingenuity and expertise to make instruments that not only meet stringent requirements but outperform all expectations.

Mission-based science requires an enormous amount of communication and coordination. Our mission operations specialists command satellites and instruments from our on-site MOC (Mission Operations Center). SSL project managers and administrators know how to facilitate a mission and keep the whole operation running as smoothly as our instruments.