July 16, 2018

Directory of Researchers

Photo of Kees Welten

Kees Welten

Associate Research Chemist

Kees Welten got his PhD from the Department of Physics and Astronomy, Utrecht University, Netherlands. From 1995-1997, he was an NRC postdoctoral fellow at NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston. Read More…

Photo of Dan Werthimer

Dan Werthimer

SETI Project Director

Dan Werthimer is the Alberts SETI Chair and chief scientist of SETI@home, the Berkeley SETI Research Center, the Breakthrough Listen project,  and the Center for Astronomy Signal Processing and Electronics Research (CASPER). Read More…

Photo of Andrew Westphal

Andrew Westphal

Research Physicist

Andrew Westphal is a Research Physicist and Senior Space Fellow at the Space Sciences Laboratory at U. C. Berkeley. He got his PhD at Berkeley in 1992 in high-energy astrophysics, and now works on the interface between planetary science and astrophysics. Read More…

Photo of Phyllis Whittlesey

Phyllis Whittlesey

Assistant Research Physicist

I am space scientist specializing in development, application, calibration, and yield of space science instrumentation. In particular I specialize in in-situ particle instrumentation. I am a Co-Investigator and primary Instrument Scientist for the SPAN-Electron instruments on the recently-launched Parker Solar Probe. Read More…

Photo of Edward Wishnow

Edward Wishnow

Edward Wishnow (PhD physics, University of British Columbia 1993) is an experimentalist working on spectroscopic instrumentation for astronomy and the laboratory. Many of these instruments been interferometers of various types, ranging in wavelength from the visible through the far-infrared. Read More…

Photo of Shaosui Xu

Shaosui Xu

Assistant Research Physicist

My primary research interest is the interaction between solar wind and Earth and planetary space environment. My main research focuses include energetic electron transport at Mars and Earth, the Martian ionosphere and magnetosphere. Read More…

Photo of Daniel Zevin

Daniel Zevin

Public Education Specialist

Dan has been working in a variety of STEM-related fields for over 30 years. He currently manages multiple education and outreach efforts for SSL’s Multiverse education team, and founded/directs the Bay Area Teen Science (B.A.T.S.) initiative. Read More…

Photo of Andreas Zoglauer

Andreas Zoglauer

Andreas works at the intersection between Astrophysics & Data Science. He received his PhD from the Technische Universität München, Germany, for the development of novel simulation and data analysis tools for the Compton-scattering and pair-creation telescope MEGA. Read More…