July 16, 2018

Directory of Researchers

Photo of Kunihiko Nishiizumi

Kunihiko Nishiizumi

Senior Space Fellow

Interest in cosmochemistry and Nuclear chemistry. Research involved cosmic ray exposure histories of extraterrestrial materials (meteorites, lunar samples, and micrometeorites) and terrestrial materials (surface rocks and soils) using cosmic-ray produced (cosmogenic) nuclides such as 129I, 53Mn, 10Be, 26Al, 36Cl, and 41Ca; secular variation of solar and galactic cosmic rays.

Photo of Marit Oieroset

Marit Oieroset

Full Research Physicist

Marit studies large-scale and microphysical properties of magnetic reconnection, an energy conversion process important in space and astrophysical contexts. In her research she has used spacecraft observations from Wind, Mars Global Surveyor, Lunar Prospector, Cluster, THEMIS, and Magnetospheric MultiScale (MMS). Read More…

Photo of Mitsuo Oka

Mitsuo Oka

Assistant Research Physicist

Mitsuo Oka has a broad interest in the kinetic properties of space plasma, including solar wind with interstellar-origin pickup ions, shocks, and magnetic reconnection. His recent primary focus has been on electron acceleration in solar flares and terrestrial plasma environment (including the bow shock and magnetotail). Read More…

Photo of George Parks

George Parks

Research Experience (1963-present)
Balloon and rocket experiments since 1963. Satellite borne experiments since 1967. Co-I on ATS-6 energetic particle experiment. Co-I on ISEE 1 and 2 energetic particle experiment. Read More…

Photo of Carl Pennypacker

Carl Pennypacker

Carlton R. Pennypacker is an astrophysicist at the University of California, Berkeley and the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory and is the principal investigator for the Hands On Universe project. Read More…

Photo of Tai Phan

Tai Phan

Senior Fellow

Tai Phan received his Ph.D. from Dartmouth College in 1991. He worked at the Max-Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics in Germany and at the National research Council of Canada before joining the Space Sciences Laboratory at UC Berkeley, where he is currently a Senior Fellow. Read More…

Photo of Andrew R. Poppe

Andrew R. Poppe

Assistant Research Scientist

Dr. Poppe is currently an Assistant Research Scientist at the Space Sciences Laboratory at the University of California at Berkeley. Andrew works in the Space Physics Research Group (SPRG) on a variety of space-related research projects. Read More…

Photo of Claire Poppett

Claire Poppett

Assistant Research Physicist

I received my PhD from the University of Durham in the UK and then moved to Lawrence Berkeley National Lab as a postdoc. I am now a research physicist at SSL. Read More…

Photo of Marc Pulupa

Marc Pulupa

Research interests include: plasma astrophysics, collisionless shocks, electron acceleration, Langmuir waves, electric field antenna modeling, solar wind electron thermodynamics, collisionless reconnection, solar radio bursts, development of spacecraft instrumentation.

Photo of Ilan Roth

Ilan Roth

Assoc Res Physicist

Acceleration processes in magnetosphere/heliosphere, anomalous abundance due to resonance interaction, non-Markovian diffusion


  • BSc -Jerusalem
  • MSc-Weizman Institute
  • PhD-Tel Aviv

Photo of Pascal Saint-Hilaire

Pascal Saint-Hilaire

Dr. Saint-Hilaire is an Assistant Research Physicist at the Space Sciences Laboratory (SSL) of the University of California in Berkeley. Since his arrival in Berkeley in 2005, he has been part of the NASA Ramaty High Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager (RHESSI) science and operations team. Read More…

Photo of Chadi Salem

Chadi Salem


Photo of Oswald Siegmund

Oswald Siegmund

Full Res Assoc Director

Oswald has worked at SSL since receiving his Ph.D. at The University College London in 1982. His initial work was in developing the Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer satellite payload sensor instrumentation. Read More…

Photo of David Sundkvist

David Sundkvist

Associate Research Physicist

Dr. Sundkvist received his Ph.D. from Uppsala Universitet, Sweden, in 2005. He joined SSL in 2006 and has worked on several topics and projects since. He his currently an Associate Research Physicist and Principal Investigator of the CUbesat Radio Interferometry Experiment (CURIE). Read More…

Photo of John Tomsick

John Tomsick

Research Scientist

Since 1994, John has been working in astrophysics, including observations and instrumentation, at Columbia University, UC San Diego, and UC Berkeley. John’s primary work is to use X-ray and multi wavelength observations as a probe of the regions of strong gravity near accreting black holes and neutron stars. Read More…

Photo of Pavel Travnicek

Pavel Travnicek

Pavel Travnicek received B.A. and Ph.D. from the Faculty of Nuclear Science and Physical Engineering at Czech Technical University in 1990 and 1997, respectively. Since 1994 PT joined Institute of Atmospheric Physic at Czech Academy of Sciences where he co-founded Department of Space Physics. Read More…

Photo of Anton Tremsin

Anton Tremsin

Associate Researcher

Dr. Anton S. Tremsin (Ph.D.- applied physics), now is a Full Researcher at the Space Sciences Laboratory, University of California at Berkeley. He got his B Sc and M Sc in 1989 in physics at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and Ph.D. Read More…

Photo of John Vallerga

John Vallerga

Full Research Physicist

Dr. John Vallerga is an astrophysicist at the Space Sciences Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley. He specializes in the development of sensitive photon imaging detectors for astronomical telescopes, both in space and on the ground. Read More…

Photo of IVAN Vasko

IVAN Vasko

Assistant Reseacher

Photo of Barry Welsh

Barry Welsh

Full Research Astronomer

My research interests are in high resolution spectroscopy of the local interstellar medium (ISM) and the
detection of exocomets. Recent publications include a 3-D map of the LISM to 300pc around the Sun,
and the discovery of over 20 new stellar systems that show evidence for the evaporation of gas from exocomets
as they fall towards a central star.