July 16, 2018

Directory of Researchers

Photo of Solène Lejosne

Solène Lejosne

Assistant Research Physicist

Solène Lejosne is an Assistant Researcher at the Space Sciences Laboratory at UC Berkeley, where she conducts research on the near-Earth space environment.

She grew up in the town of Givet, France. Read More…

Photo of Jaan Lepson

Jaan Lepson

Associate Research Physicist

Photo of Robert Lillis

Robert Lillis

I am a planetary space physicist and geophysicist specializing in four main areas: 1) solar energetic particles and their effects on planetary environments, 2) electrodynamics of planetary ionospheres, 3) remote sensing of crustal magnetism and 4) the physics of atmospheric escape and climate evolution. Read More…

Photo of Eric Linder

Eric Linder

Research Physicist

Eric Linder is a UC Berkeley research physicist and has served as Deputy Director of the Berkeley Center for Cosmological Physics and Co-Director of the Institute for Nuclear and Particle Astrophysics at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Read More…

Photo of Guiping Liu

Guiping Liu

Photo of Roberto Livi

Roberto Livi

Photo of Janet Luhmann

Janet Luhmann

Research Geophysicist

Janet G. Luhmann is a Senior Fellow at the Space Sciences Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley. Her work focuses on the use of spacecraft observations and models to investigate the connections between the Sun and heliospheric conditions, and on the solar wind interactions with the planets. Read More…

Photo of Benjamin Lynch

Benjamin Lynch

Dr. Lynch is an Associate Research Physicist at the Space Sciences Laboratory. Dr. Lynch joined SSL in 2006 as an NSF SHINE postdoctoral scholar and worked on numerical MHD simulations of the breakout model for CME initiation, including characterizing the time evolution of the magnetic flux content of the CME ejecta during the eruptive-flare process and the overall rotation effects the large-scale coherent flux rope fields experience during propagation through the low corona. Read More…

Photo of Juan Carlos Martinez Oliveros

Juan Carlos Martinez Oliveros

Juan is a Colombian astronomer working in solar physics. He studied astronomy and astrophysics at the Saint Petersburg State University, in the faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics, receiving the degree of Msc in Astronomy and Astrophysics in 2004. Read More…

Photo of James McFadden

James McFadden

Assoc Res Physicist

Michael McManus

PhD Student Researcher

Photo of James McTiernan

James McTiernan

Project Physicist

Interests are: Solar Flare X-rays and electron acceleration/transport. X-ray data analysis, data processing. Associated projects (starting from 1989 to present), ISEE-3/ICE, Yohkoh, Ulysses GRB, RHESSI, THEMIS, Van Allen probes, EOVSA, MAVEN.

Photo of Stephen Mende

Stephen Mende

Research Physicist

Research physicist specializing in studies observing light emitted by the atmosphere including aurora, airglow, sprites and lightning induced flashes and all atmospheric light shows in the visible and ultraviolet wavelength range using sensitive cameras and other instruments flown on spacecraft or operated from the ground. Read More…

Photo of Bryan Mendez

Bryan Mendez

Astronomer & Public Education Specialist

Dr. Bryan Méndez works to educate and inspire others about the wonder and beauty of the Universe as an education specialist at UC Berkeley’s Space Science Laboratory and an adjunct professor of astronomy and physics at Bay Area colleges. Read More…

Photo of David Mitchell

David Mitchell

Research Physicist

I arrived at Space Sciences Laboratory as an astronomy graduate student in the fall of 1985 to work on the Giotto mission to Comet Halley, which was launched just a few months earlier. Read More…

Photo of Forrest Mozer

Forrest Mozer

Research Physicist

Photo of Kunihiko Nishiizumi

Kunihiko Nishiizumi

Senior Space Fellow

Interest in cosmochemistry and Nuclear chemistry. Research involved cosmic ray exposure histories of extraterrestrial materials (meteorites, lunar samples, and micrometeorites) and terrestrial materials (surface rocks and soils) using cosmic-ray produced (cosmogenic) nuclides such as 129I, 53Mn, 10Be, 26Al, 36Cl, and 41Ca; secular variation of solar and galactic cosmic rays.

Photo of Marit Oieroset

Marit Oieroset

Full Research Physicist

Marit studies large-scale and microphysical properties of magnetic reconnection, an energy conversion process important in space and astrophysical contexts. In her research she has used spacecraft observations from Wind, Mars Global Surveyor, Lunar Prospector, Cluster, THEMIS, and Magnetospheric MultiScale (MMS). Read More…

Photo of Mitsuo Oka

Mitsuo Oka

Assistant Research Physicist

Mitsuo Oka has a broad interest in the kinetic properties of space plasma, including solar wind with interstellar-origin pickup ions, shocks, and magnetic reconnection. His recent primary focus has been on electron acceleration in solar flares and terrestrial plasma environment (including the bow shock and magnetotail). Read More…

Photo of George Parks

George Parks

Research Experience (1963-present)
Balloon and rocket experiments since 1963. Satellite borne experiments since 1967. Co-I on ATS-6 energetic particle experiment. Co-I on ISEE 1 and 2 energetic particle experiment. Read More…