July 16, 2018

Directory of Researchers

Photo of George Fisher

George Fisher

Research Physicist

The physical origin of magnetic fields on the Sun and other cool stars remains one of the most important, yet least understood phenomena in astrophysics. It is also a timely research topic, since it is now known that magnetic activity changes the Sun’s luminosity and ultraviolet flux, both of which may have significant effects on the terrestrial environment. Read More…

Photo of Martin Fivian

Martin Fivian

Photo of Christopher Fowler

Christopher Fowler

I am a planetary science researcher at the Space Sciences Laboratory within the University of California. My primary research interests include understanding the physical processes that energize the ionospheres of unmagnetized planets (in particular Mars), and how this energization can impact ionospheric escape to space. Read More…

Photo of Harald Frey

Harald Frey

Research Physicist

Harald Frey received his education in Germany and after 3 years in industry and 6 years at the Max-Planck-Institute for extraterrestrial physics he joined SSL in 1997. Read More…

Photo of Zack Gainsforth

Zack Gainsforth

Research Scientist

I am a member of  the Westphal group at the Space Sciences Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley. I analyze  cometary particles returned by NASA’s Stardust mission, and other extraterrestrial samples using electron microscopy, synchrotron and other analytical techniques.

Photo of Lily Hanson

Lily Hanson

PhD Student Researcher

Photo of Brian Harding

Brian Harding

Assistant Research Physicist

Photo of Andrew Howard

Andrew Howard

Professor of Astronomy

I’m a Professor of Astronomy at the California Institute of Technology — Caltech.

I am interested in the formation and evolution of planets orbiting stars other than the Sun. Read More…

Photo of Hugh Hudson

Hugh Hudson

Research Physicist (UC); Hon. Research Fellow (U. Glasgow))

Photo of Arthur Hull

Arthur Hull

Assistant Research Physicist

Photo of Gordon Hurford

Gordon Hurford

Research Physicist

Photo of Kevin Hurley

Kevin Hurley

Res Physicist

Kevin Hurley is a Senior Space Fellow, Emeritus.  He received his PhD at SSL, and then rejoined the laboratory in 1987.  His research focuses on cosmic gamma-ray bursts and magnetars, and he leads the Interplanetary Network, a group of spacecraft with burst detectors which localize sources by triangulation.  Read More…

Photo of Thomas Immel

Thomas Immel

Research Physicist

Dr. Thomas Immel is a Senior Fellow at Space Sciences Laboratory, with a Ph. D. in Physics from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. His interests are in exploring the conditions in space near Earth, and learning to predict the behaviors in this system. Read More…

Photo of Andreas Keiling

Andreas Keiling

Research Physicist

Born in Berlin, Germany, Dr. Andreas Keiling was an undergraduate student at Imperial College, London, before moving to the University of Minnesota, where he completed his Ph.D. Read More…

Photo of Eric Korpela

Eric Korpela

Associate Research Physicist

Eric is an astronomer. In addition to SETI, he studies interstellar matter (the gas and dust that lies between the stars) using radio, optical, and space-based ultraviolet telescopes. Read More…

Photo of Säm Krucker

Säm Krucker

Senior Fellow

My main scientific interests are in problems of plasma astrophysics, especially solar and heliospheric physics, from an observational and experimental point of view. Studying the Sun and the heliosphere has an essential advantage over studying other astrophysical objects in that detailed spatially resolved observations and even in-situ observations can be obtained. Read More…

Photo of Michael Lampton

Michael Lampton


In his 40 years at Space Sciences Lab, Dr Lampton has served as
Principal Investigator or Co-Investigator for several space missions,
both unmanned (EUVE, IMAGE, MENA) and manned (Apollo-Soyuz EUVT,
FAUST, ORFEUS) and served as a Payload Specialist Astronaut for
STS-9 and STS45 “SpaceLab” shuttle missions. Read More…

Photo of Davin Larson

Davin Larson

Project Scientist

Photo of Stephen Ledvina

Stephen Ledvina

Photo of Christina Lee

Christina Lee

Assistant Research Physicist

Dr. Lee is currently an Assistant Research Scientist at the Space Sciences Laboratory (SSL) at the University of California at Berkeley (UC Berkeley). Christina works in the Space Physics Research Group (SPRG) on a variety of space-related research projects. Read More…