July 16, 2018

Directory of Researchers

William Abbett

Senior Fellow

I am currently a Senior Fellow and Research Physicist at the Space Sciences Laboratory at UC Berkeley. I have a variety of research interests in the field of astrophysics, including the formation and evolution of magnetic fields in the convective envelope of stars like our Sun, the physics of magnetically driven eruptions in the solar corona (the principal drivers of space weather here at earth), the transport of radiation in solar and stellar atmospheres during strong flares, and the dynamic, magnetic, and energetic connection between the solar interior and atmosphere.

Photo of Oleksiy Agapitov

Oleksiy Agapitov

Spacecraft data processing and interpretation Electromagnetic wave propagation in magnetized plasmas Cyclotron resonant wave-particle interactions

Photo of David Anderson

David Anderson

Research Scientist

I received an MA in Mathematics and PhD in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. From 1985 to 1992 I was on the faculty of the U.C. Read More…

Photo of Stuart Bale

Stuart Bale

Professor of Physics

Stuart D. Bale received B.A. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Minnesota in 1989 and 1994, respectively. After three years of postdoctoral work at Queen Mary College, University of London, he came to a research position at the Space Sciences Laboratory (SSL) at Berkeley. Read More…

Photo of Ryan Bay

Ryan Bay

Research Physicist

I am a research physicist working on high-energy neutrino astronomy and the application of experimental physics techniques to the earth sciences of paleoclimatology and glaciology.  My current research projects include IceCube, RAID (Rapid Access Ice Drill) and the South Pole Ice Core.  Read More…

Photo of Steven Beckwith

Steven Beckwith


Space Sciences Lab Director
Professor of Astronomy
Department of Astronomy Senate Faculty

Professor Beckwith has served as Director of the Max-Planck-Institut für Astronomie (Heidelberg, Germany), the Director of the Space Telescope Science Institute (Baltimore, Maryland), and most recently as the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies for the ten-campus University of California system (Oakland, California). Read More…

Photo of Peter Beiersdorfer

Peter Beiersdorfer

Peter Beiersdorfer received his B. S. and M. S. degrees in Physics from Auburn University, and his M. A. and Ph. D. degrees in Astrophysical Sciences/Plasma Physics from Princeton University. Read More…

Photo of David Bercik

David Bercik

Project Physicist

Photo of Steven Boggs

Steven Boggs

Professor of Physics

Photo of John Bonnell

John Bonnell

Project Physicist

John W. Bonnell has been a Research Associate and Project Physicist at SSL since October 1999.  He specializes in the design, fabrication, assembly, test, and operation of antenna systems, receivers, and  signal processing hardware for the measurement of electric fields in space.   Read More…

Photo of Julian Borrill

Julian Borrill

Research Physicist & Senior Staff Scientist

Julian Borrill is a Research Physicist at the Space Sciences Laboratory and a Senior Scientist at Berkeley Lab, where he leads the Computational Cosmology Center. His work is focused on the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB), and in particular on the data management challenges posed by the size of current and future CMB datasets. Read More…

Photo of Trevor Bowen

Trevor Bowen

PhD Student Researcher

I received a PhD in Physics from the University of California, Berkeley, in May 2019 and am currently a postdoctoral scholar in the Solar and Heliospheric Physics group at SSL. Read More…

Photo of Anna Butterworth

Anna Butterworth


Anna Butterworth is a Planetary Scientist specializing in instrument and technique development for analyses of small samples probing solar system formation and evolution.  She got her PhD (1998) in Analytical Chemistry from the Planetary and Space Research Institute at The Open University, UK, where she developed a gas chromatograph – isotope ratio mass spectrometer for analyzing dual isotopes of methane from small atmospheric samples, lunar soils and primitive meteorites. Read More…

Photo of Laura Casto

Laura Casto

Postdoctoral Scholar

Dr. Laura Casto is a Postdoctoral Scholar working with Prof. Richard Mathies and Dr. Anna Butterworth on the development of flight instrumentation for exploration of Icy Moons. Read More…

Photo of Christopher Chaston

Christopher Chaston

Research Physicist

University of California, Berkeley, Space Sciences Laboratory

B.S. in Physics, University of Newcastle, Australia
PhD in Space Plasma Physics, University of Newcastle, Australia

Professional Background:
Space Physicist, UCB, 1996-2018
Future Fellow/Assoc. Read More…

Photo of Joanne Cohn

Joanne Cohn

Space Fellow/ Research

Joanne Cohn is a theoretical cosmologist working on large scale structure and galaxy formation, using analytic methods, simulations and observational data. A large part of her recent work has been on comparing models to each other and to observations. Read More…

Photo of Henry Crawford

Henry Crawford

Research Physicist

Photo of Shannon Curry

Shannon Curry

Dr. Shannon Curry is a research scientist at the Space Sciences Laboratory at the University of California, Berkeley, where she currently is involved in NASA and NSF supported research projects. Read More…

Jon Engelage

Asst Research Physicist

Photo of Matthew Fillingim

Matthew Fillingim

Associate Research Physicist

My research focuses mainly on observations (both in-situ and remote) and simulations of space plasma processes and ionospheric electrodynamics primarily at Earth and Mars (but the same physics applies to any planetary object with an atmosphere). Read More…