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BOINC Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing

COSI/COSI-X The Compton Spectrometer and Imager


CSE The Center for Science Education

DESI The Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument

EAG The Experimental Astrophysics Group

EOA Enceladus Organic Analyzer

FUEGO Fire Urgency Estimation from Geosynchronous Orbit

GRIPS Gamma-Ray Imager/Polarimeter for Solar flares (GRIPS) instrument

HEA High Energy Astrophysics Group

HESSI High Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager Spacecraft

ICON The Ionospheric Connection Explorer

Laboratory Astrophysics

MAVEN The Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutionN Mission

MAXIS MeV Auroral X-ray Imaging and Spectroscopy

RBSP-EFW Electric Field and Waves Suite (EFW)

Parker Solar Probe/FIELDS FIELDS Experiment for the Parker Solar Probe

SETI The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

SETI@home The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence at Home


THEMIS Time History of Events and Macroscale Interactions during Substorms

Previous Projects

AstroPulse A Search for Evaporating Black Holes

Antarctic Balloons

Atmospheric Emissions Group

Cassini INMS The Ion and Natural Mass Spectrometer (INMS)

CASPER – Center for Astronomy Signal Processing and Electronics Research

CEA The Center for Extreme Ultraviolet Astrophysics

CHIPS The Cosmic Hot Interstellar Plasma Spectrometer

CISM Center for Integrated Space Weather Modeling

Cluster Small-scale spatial measurements

COBE The Cosmic Background Explorer

COS Cosmic Origins Spectrograph

EUVE The Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer

GALEX Galaxy Evolution Explorer

FAST The Fast Auroral SnapshoT Explorer

FUSE Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer

Geotail Exploring Earth’s geomagnetic tail

HENA High Energy Nuclear Astrophysics at LBNL

HOU The Hands-On Universe Program

IMAGE FUV IMAGE Far Ultraviolet Imager

ISI The Infrared Spatial Interferometer Group

ISUAL The Imager for Sprites and Upper Atmospheric Lightning

IPN3 The Third Interplanetary Network for Cosmic Gamma Ray Bursts

Lunar Prospector

Mars Global Surveyor Planetary Geology Mission

Mars Microphone

ORFEUS The Orbiting Retrievable Far and Extreme Ultraviolet Spectrometer


Solar-MURI Understand Origins of Solar Magnetic Eruptions

SOHO Solar & Heliospheric Observatory

Space Weather Page

SPEAR Spectroscopy of Plasma Evolution from Astrophysical Radiation

STEREO/IMPACT Solar-TErrestrial RElations Observatory/In-situ Measurements of Particles and CME Transients


SPRG The Space Physics Research Group



National Science Foundation

National Aeronautics & Space Administration