I'm Patrick Cruce. Here's my webpage. I work on the THEMIS mission at the Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics at UCLA. I did my undergrad at UC Berkeley and I worked at the UC Berkeley Space Sciences Laboratory while I was a student at Cal. I graduated in December 2006 with a degree in Cognitive Science(focusing in computational modeling). I'm interested in Computers (Software Theory & Security), Neuroscience, and Space.

Here are some projects of mine:

Sudoku Web Solver

Click here for a 9x9 web-base sudoku solver. The backend is(was) general purpose and uses an heuristic to order the search tree such that human solvable solutions are tried first, but I kept the interface simple. Sadly, I've lost the source code, but I might try to rewrite the program sometime.

Distributed Password Auditor

This is a security tool that allows users to audit passwords on a variety of protocols from a distributed set of computers. This tool is strictly a proof of concept. I'm sure this could probably use some additional features, one important one would be to allow multiple targets. It does sport a rudimentary GUI.
Full Project Version .2:here
Source Only Version .2:here
Client Jar(no Gui): here
Server Jar(no Gui): here
Client Jar(+Gui): here
Server Jar(+Gui): here
Javadoc: here

Defcon 16 Cellular Automaton Badge Software

Michael McGraw-Herdeg and I modified the Defcon 16 Badge Firmware so that it will simulate Wolfram-style cellular automata in addition to its normal functions(IR file transmit/receive, TV-B gone, hyperterminal poetry). It can read a simulation of up to 1.5 KB(1536 Bytes) off the SD card, run it, and write the new state back to the SD card when a button is pressed. I've written a readme that describes the modifications in a bit more detail, which also includes some tips on modifying the badge software.
NOTE: You'll probably need a Windows machine to flash the modified firmware onto the Badge.
Please feel free to email me with questions.
Source and the compiled binary: here sum

Realtime Webcam Software

Gautam Agarwal and I started playing with some matlab software that acquires input from a webcam and spits it back out to the screen. Originally they had some janky image acquisition program(it basically took the discrete derivative and rounded to 1 or 0). Before we knew it we had added several different very cool looking mathematical transformations that it could perform in real time and a gui to boot. We ended up using it at parties and displaying the results with a projector. Some of our best results were simple transformations like taking the sin of the input or taking the input mod 1.0 One of the trickier ones we added did a permutation of the input pixels to distort the image spatially.
You can find a copy of the software here

Coming soon(As soon as I find time to upload them):

A java web spider, a program to generate fractals much like electric sheep, a program to pretty print idl programs, and an SLR parse table generator for IDL. Also, some pictures and prettier design.

Here's some cool links:

Microsoft Darknet Paper on drm & p2p
My favorite musical artist Amon Tobin
My friend's eeg(electrode placed on the occipital): Brain
My friend's eeg on N20: Brain N20
Any Questions?
A neat book on common lisp
A crazy paper on a possible et that has landed on earth.
Azureus the coolest bittorrent client ever!
This is a cool simulated video of the THEMIS lauch: video.
5lowershop The coolest co-op in the Bay Area
Great Online Series: Pure Pwnage
Timeline of the Bush administration's hype of the case for war.
A great review of some fake science.
I helped report for an article in the Tech on an injuction stopping a talk at DefCon 16.

That's it. Contact me at pcruce (at) gmail (dot) com