A little about me

My passions are astrophysics and space sciences. I specialize in the study of the Sun through the observation of seismic waves, white light, magnetic fields, and all kinds of high energy particles.

My CV here

I am a passionate student of science originally born in Bogotá, Colombia. I am currently member of the scientific teams of FOXSI and the Parker Solar Probe, both being NASA funded solar-dedicated space instruments. My space hardware experience lies on the participation of the two most recent FOXSI sounding rocket launches. I am currently analysing data gathered during these two flights, as well as the brand new observations obtained by the Parker Solar Probe during its first perihelions.


The Focusing Optics X-ray Solar Imager

I work on FOXSI-3's optics and conducts collimators testing and calibration. I also analyze data from past FOXSI flights.

The Parker Solar Probe


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Outreach Activities

Communicating our Science

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Contact me - whereabouts

One of the solar scientists I admire the most is Hugh Hudson. He has made online available his whereabouts for years. Following his example, below I list the places I plan to visit in the near future.


  • Jan 1-8 Bogotá
  • Jan 8-31 Berkeley
  • Feb 1-2 Berkeley
  • Feb 3-14 NASA-Goddard
  • Feb 14-29 Berkeley
  • Mar 1-3 Berkeley
  • Mar 4-7 Nagoya Japan (FOXSI3 & MinXSS analysis)
  • Mar 8-12 Tokio Japan (IPMU High Energy Solar WS)
  • Mar 13 Tokio Japan (IPMU Mini CubeSat WS)
  • Mar 14-22 Berkeley
  • Mar 23-27 Baltimore MD - PSP1
  • Mar 28-31 Berkeley
  • Apr 1-30 Berkeley
  • May 1-31 Berkeley
  • Jun 1-13 Berkeley
  • Jun 14-19 Yokohama, Japan (SPIE - submitted)
  • Jun 20-30 Berkeley
  • Jul 1-6 Berkeley
  • Jul 7-11 Pisa - Italy (RHESSI Meeting)
  • Jul 14-21 Boulder, CO (Summer School - Appliying)
  • Jul 22-31 Berkeley
  • Aug 1-9 Berkeley
  • Aug 10-14 Minneapolis, MN (AAS/SPD)
  • Aug 15-24 Berkeley
  • Aug 25-29 Moscow, Russia (IAU-365)
  • Aug 30-31 Berkeley
  • Sep 1-30 Berkeley
  • Oct 1-31 Berkeley
  • Nov 1-30 Berkeley
  • Dec 1-6 Berkeley
  • Dec 7-11 San Francisco (AGU)
  • Dec 12-13 Berkeley
  • Dec 14-20 Villarrica, Chile (Solar Eclipse - not decided yet)
  • Dec 21-31 Bogotá
  • Hit me up with an email: