Will's SSL Web Page

Will's SSL Web Page

This is Will Marchant's SSL home page. Here is Will's personal home page.

I'm spending most of my time on the ICON mission. I'm mostly done with my support of Caltech's NuSTAR mission. I also support SSL's STEREO IMPACT and Stardust@Home projects. I expect to be ramping up on the Enceladus Organic Analyzer (EOA) project at SSL after ICON's launch and initial commissioning.

Information about SSL payloads flown on the Space Shuttle is here.

Education Outreach

I continue to mentor local Civil Air Patrol and High School teams competing in the Team America Rocketry Challenge. I am helping out with safety reviews and running the flight range for NASA's Student Launch Projects program. I continue my involvement with the Amateur Radio on the International Space Station program by hosting the slow scan and fast scan data galleries.

I was a mentor for the SpaceWiFi Senior Design Project at George Mason University. The team demonstrated a secure tactical digital data relay network with a mobile repeater node that can be positioned at the area needing the data coverage. The platform could be an aircraft, rocket, building, or hilltop. I've built a high power model rocket that is used for demonstration purposes. The payload has also flown on a fixed and a rotary wing UAV.

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