553. The EUVE Bright Source List (Malina, et al. 1994)

R.F. Malina, H.L. Marshall, B. Antia, C.A. Christian, C.A. Dobson, D.S. Finley, A. Fruscione, F. Girouard, I. Hawkins, P. Jelinsky, J. Lewis, J. McDonald, K. McDonald, R.J. Patterer, V. Saba, M.M. Sirk, B.A. Stroozas, J.V. Vallerga, P.W. Vedder, A. Wiercigroch, and S. Bowyer, Astronomical Journal, 107 (2), 751-764, 1994 (Tabular data appear in ApJ/AJ CD-ROM Series, Vol. 2, 1994)

This catalog is also available via FTP at ftp.cea.berkeley.edu in the pub/archive/catalogs/bsl directory.




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